15 Item(s)

  1. Baptism Certificate (child)
  2. Confirmation Certificate
  3. Confirmation – First Communion Certificate
  4. Communion medal and chain
  5. First Communion Certificate
  6. Penance: First Reconciliation Certificate
  7. Prayer for the Pope - 100 Prayer Cards

    Prayer for the Pope - 100 Prayer Cards

    Prayer Cards for Parish and School. Pack of 100 - $12.50
  8. RCIA Adult Baptism Certificate
  9. RCIA Adult Reception into Full Communion Certificate
  10. RCIA Apostles’ Creed
  11. RCIA Nicene Creed

    RCIA Nicene Creed

  12. RCIA Our Father Certificate
  13. St Mary MacKillop – Greeting Cards

    St Mary MacKillop – Greeting Cards

    Pack of ten cards with envelopes. Blank inside. This card also fits a standard photo frame for personal devotional use.
  14. Mary Mackillop large

    St Mary MacKillop – Large Poster

    51 cm x 38 cm

    This poster is suitable for churches and schools, for meeting rooms and halls.
  15. Mary MacKillop Image

    St Mary MacKillop – Medium Poster

    25 cm x 20 cm

    This size fits a standard 8x10 photo frame. It is suitable for office, class room and home.

15 Item(s)