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Rev Dr Tom Elich | Liturgy Brisbane

Rev Dr Tom Elich

(07) 3324 3323

Tom has a Doctorate in Theology/History of Religions from Paris, specialising in Medieval theology of liturgy and sacraments. He is responsible for our publications and is the editor of our quarterly journal, Liturgy News. He teaches liturgy at ACU McAuley and is parish priest at Bulimba in the Archdiocese of Brisbane.


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Mrs Clare Schwantes

(07) 3324 3321

Clare has diplomas in Editing and Publishing, Bachelors of Education and Psychology and a Masters of Theological Studies (Liturgy). She edits our annual publications, Daily Mass Book, Ordo, Break Open the Word and We Pray As One, and compiles the annual updates for LabOra Worship.


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Mr James Robinson

Education Officer
(07) 3324 3322
James has a Master of Education, post-graduate qualifications in Religious Education and a Bachelor of Theology. He has been a senior leader in Catholic schools and has been an adult educator for the past eight years. James provides workshops, advice and online resources for preparing good liturgy.