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DAUGHTER OF AUSTRALIA, saint for every land,

Mary, we are listening, keen to understand

how God works among us now as in the past.

Speak with us and teach us wisdom that will last.


Mary, what did you see?  I saw human need:

in the far-flung places God called me to lead

children to the Father, lost ones to the Son,

driven by the Spirit till the work was done.


Mary, what did you do?  I began to teach

with my chosen Sisters, far as we could reach,

all across Australia and beyond the sea,

travelling as pilgrims, always trustingly.


Mary, what was your faith?  My trust was in God

who was always faithful as new paths we trod.

In the Cross of Jesus I found love’s own light,

casting out all darkness, giving me new sight.


Mary, what was your joy?  I saw God’s will done,

watching with Saint Joseph over God’s own Son,

from whose Heart once wounded flow the living streams,

watering the dry land with love that redeems.


Daughter of Australia, saint for every land,

Mary, we have listened and we understand

how God works among us now as in the past.

Thanks to you for teaching wisdom that will last.


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