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Labora Worship

The Original….


LabOra Worship provides you with a whole library of liturgical books in electronic form. In fact, with LabOra Worship you will have the most complete electronic library of Catholic liturgical books in the world.

Not only will you have access to the texts in their latest translation, but LabOra provides the means to prepare a parish or school liturgy, helping you choose your texts and producing participation booklets at the click of a mouse. Each year the liturgical calendar is updated so you know exactly what is happening on a given day.

LabOra Worship has been designed to run optimally on PC computers. It can also be used on MACs in conjunction with Parallels.

The original LabOra Worship is no longer CD-ROM based, but rather can be downloaded by clicking on a link which is emailed to subscribers. A unique licence key is required to access the program.


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 …and the NEW !


NEW in 2015, is the Online LabOra Worship with many new and exciting features. The new Online LabOra Worship includes guidelines for each part of a liturgy to assist with planning, music suggestions for each Sunday and major feasts and greatly enhanced formatting features in the Print window.

The minimum requirement for the new Online LabOra is Windows XP with 1 GB RAM. For a satisfying user experience it is recommended to have Windows 7, .Net 4.5 and at least 2 GB RAM.

While designed for PCs, the online version can also run on a Mac with Parallels and Windows 10. The native MAC Version of the New Online LabOra is under development.

The new Online LabOra Worship is also downloaded by clicking on a link which is emailed to subscribers. A unique username and password is issued to each subscriber and is required to gain access to the program after download.

The New LabOra is being offered in conjunction with the original LabOra Worship for a transitional period in 2015 and 2016 –  subscribers will receive both the original version and access to the online program for the subscription fee of $245 for an annual site licence.


Just imagine having all this right in front of you on your computer screen:


  • the entire three-volume Lectionary
  • the complete Missal
  • the rites of Baptism, Confirmation, and Penance
  • Communion of the Sick, Anointing the Sick and rites for the dying
  • the rites of Marriage and Ordination
  • the Order of Christian Funerals and blessings for every occasion
  • Morning and Evening Prayer, lay-led Sunday Celebrations of the Word
  • resources for preaching and music preparation
  • activity ideas and resources for children’s liturgy
  • weekly Prayer of the Faithful and clip art
  • all the introductions to the liturgical books for educational purposes
  • together with three translations of the Complete Bible.

Your annual site licence allows installation on all networks, computers and laptops associated with a particular site and costs only $245 a year.  A three-year site licence can be purchased for $600.

This fee covers you for copyright and enables you to use all this material for your parish or school. It is updated each year with new liturgical calendars and resources

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Labora Worship

For More Information on the Original LabOra Worship


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For More Information on the New Online LabOra Worship


Email LabOra Help and Support

Read our Frequently Asked Questions

Watch Tutorial Videos for the New Online LabOra Worship

Download the printable New LabOra Worship Workbook 


The name ‘LabOra‘ comes from the Latin words ‘labor’ (work) and ‘ora’ (pray). Join the thousands of people who benefit from LabOra to make their liturgical work quicker, easier and more enjoyable and who open up for the People of God the rich treasure of liturgical prayer.