Terms and Conditions



1          Introductions and Definitions


1.1 These general terms and conditions apply between Liturgy Brisbane and subscribers to the electronic software LabOra Worship.

1.2 The ‘subscriber’ may be defined as the organisation who has purchased a licence to use LabOra Worship, or the staff members of that organisation, or to persons who have purchased an individual licence to use LabOra Worship.

1.3 The subscriber confirms that it understands and agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions with respect to the downloading, installation and use of the software.

1.4  LabOra Worship operates as a site licence for up to ten (10) computers. A ‘site’ is defined by and limited to the  geographical location of the subscriber and must not extend beyond members of their organisation. Where a parish and a school are situated on the same grounds, this is considered to be two separate sites requiring two separate licences. For much larger institutions, such as universities, a site is defined as one department on a single campus.



 2         Grant of Licence


2.1 The subscriber obtains a non-exclusive right to use the program for the period of the licence. The LabOra Worship Materials are licensed to the user, not sold.

2.2 At the expiration of the licence term, and in the absence of payment of a subscription renewal fee, Liturgy Brisbane reserves the right to cancel the licence and terminate access to LabOra Worship.

2.3 Where a licence has lapsed, it can be immediately reinstated with the same username and password on payment of all outstanding subscription fees.



3          Licence Fee


3.1 The licence to use LabOra Worship is conditional upon the customer having paid the required licence fee whch is currently listed as $245 for a 1 year subscription or $600 for a 3 year subscription. This licence fee allows the subscriber to install LabOra Worship on up to ten (10) computers at their site. The licence fee is exclusive of GST.

3.2 In the case of large institutions where LabOra Worship is to be installed on more than  ten (10) computers, Liturgy Brisbane will liaise directly with those organisations to arrange a personalised licence agreement and an adjusted licence fee.

3.3 Where a diocese purchases LabOra Worship for every parish or every school in their diocese, a discounted fee of $210 per licence will be offered. Where a diocese purchases a number of licenses, but not enough for one licence per parish or per school, the standard fee of $245 per licence will apply.



4          Scope of the Licence


4.1 The customer may download, install, use, access, display, print or otherwise make use of the content in LabOra Worship on up to ten (10) computers at their site. LabOra Worship operates as a site licence and is restricted by geographical location. For example if a primary school has a licence for LabOra Worship, then the program may be installed on up to ten (10) computers at that school.

4.2 In the case of a school which subscribes to LabOra Worship where the program is installed on up to 10 computers, some of which are staff laptops, those laptops may be used by staff members at home for the purposes of school liturgy preparation even though that computer has left the geographical site for which the licence has been issued.

4.3 If a parish subscribes to LabOra Worship and has the situation where a parish secretary does a significant amount of work for the parish from home, that parish secretary may install LabOra on a personal laptop or home computer for the purposes of that parish work.

4.4 The site for which the licence is purchased should also be the site where any texts or liturgies prepared in LabOra Worship are displayed. For example, a teacher would use his/her school’s site licence to prepare school liturgies or activities only. Using this licence to prepare Sunday liturgy for his/her parish church is NOT within the scope of   the school’s licence. In this case the parish must also have their own licence, since this is the site where the texts will be used or displayed.

4.5 Where primary schools and parishes are on the same grounds, each one MUST purchase a separate licence – one for the parish and one for the school – to fulfil legal copyright obligations.

4.6 A site may be defined as one parish or one school or one department of a larger institution. An individual licence holder may install the program on each of their personal devices.

4.7 The customer will ensure that the email containing the download link, username and password is not forwarded on to any person who is not a part of their ‘site’ as defined by this agreement and acknowledges that to do so is a serious breach of copyright.



5          Copyright Considerations


5.1 Having a LabOra Worship licence does not remove the need to include correct copyright citations for texts or lyrics which are displayed on projection screens or printed in booklets created with LabOra Worship.

5.2 Subscribers may retrieve the data contained in LabOra Worship to use in their school or parish, or for their personal, research or scholastic use in the case of individual licences. However, all use made of the data retrieved must be in compliance with  state and federal copyright laws. For further information about copyright laws, see .

5.3 Subscribers may not resell the data or retrieve and use it for the purposes of preparing a database or other electronic or magnetic compilation of such materials, whether or not rearranged in sequence or subject.

5.4 Subscribers must use their best efforts to protect the materials from unauthorized reproduction, distribution, disclosure, use or publication.



6          Delivery


6.1 LabOra Worship is distributed via an email which contains a clickable link for downloading the program as well as the username and password needed to access the program.

6.2 Administrator access is required to download the program only for the first time. Subsequent updates do not require administrator access. The liturgical calendar will update automatically and there is no need to download anything for annual updates.

6.3 Contact persons for an organisation are permitted to forward the email containing the download links directly to other members of staff at their organisation along with a copy of these Terms and Conditions. Forwarding this email to persons outside the subscribing organisation or passing on the details of the download link or access details, is strictly prohibited and is in breach of the licence agreement.



7          System Requirements


7.1 LabOra Worship has been designed for the PC platform. However, it operates successfully on Mac computers which are running a conversion program called Parallels.

7.2 The minimum requirement for the new online LabOra Worship is Windows XP with 1GB RAM. For a satisfying user experience it is recommended to have at least Windows 7, Microsoft.Net 4.5 and at least 2GB RAM.



8          Support


8.1 A subscription to LabOra Worship entitles the customer to unlimited free support as required for the installation of the program, its ongoing operation, or questions about the liturgical material contained within the program. Customers can contact Liturgy Brisbane at any time on (07) 3324 3321 or via email: All account related enquiries should be directed to

Computer system issues of a more complex technical nature can be addressed by the diocesan ICT department or by the developers of the program. Technical support can be obtained by emailing .

8.2 On the Liturgy Brisbane website subscribers also have free access to online tutorial videos at and a workbook at workbook/.



9          Termination of Agreement


9.1 The download and installation of LabOra Worship indicates acceptance of these terms.

9.2 At the end of each calendar year, subscribers will be automatically invoiced for the upcoming year. A subscriber may elect to cancel their subscription by contacting Liturgy Brisbane to have the renewal invoice cancelled.

9.3 Liturgy Brisbane may terminate a licence if a subscriber is found to have breached any of these terms and conditions.