How to order from the Shop

A step by step instruction on how to order

Some important notes before you start shopping:


  • Every customer will need to create a new account.


  • Liturgy Brisbane asks that all orders are done online please.


  • If you would like to claim GST free status, you will need to fill out this exemption request. You will need to know your parish or school ABN


  • If you intend to pay by invoice, it helps to have one account for your school or parish. 


  • From this point forward, you as the customer will be able to look at your account and see everything you have ordered in one spot. This includes Liturgy News and your annuals.


Shopping Instructions:


1. Choose 'Shop' from the main menu or a collection from the drop down menu.


2. Add each item to your cart. 


3. When you have finished shopping, click 'check-out' at the stop left hand of the screen.


4. If you need to remove any item, click 'remove'. Or adjust the amount of items under 'Quantity'. Click 'Update Cart' to save your changes.


5. If you want to add additional items, click 'Continue Shopping'.


6. If you have a purchase order number please add it to the 'Authorised Purchaser' field. Otherwise, add your name. This is particularly helpful for us in knowing who is placing the order in schools and parishes.


7. If you are ready to pay, click 'Check Out'.


8. Log in or create an account. You can check your purchase history and change your details. All good? Click 'Check-out' again.


9. Choose your payment method. Note that our digital products won't authenticate until payment has been received.


10. Choose your billing address and click 'Complete Order'.


If you have any trouble, please email us at or call us on 07 3324 3314. Note our reception is open until 4:00pm Brisbane time.