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Online Liturgical Formation & Training

Learn at your pace when you want to learn with comprehensive, multi-modal and engaging training, all from the comfort of your own home. A certificate will be issued on course completion.


Current courses


Liturgy for Primary Teachers

Ministers of the Word (Readers) Course

Lay Ministers of Communion Course

Combined Course: Ministers of Word & Communion

Music Ministry in the Liturgy

Ministers of Communion for the Sick


Further courses coming soon...

Professional training

Expert professional training at your fingertips. Liturgy Brisbane continues a tradition of excellence in liturgical resources and education.

Course Scope & Content

Each course is approximately 3 hours and content includes:

  • Introduction to Liturgy & Ministry
  • Structure of the Mass
  • Ministries and the Mass
  • Specific formation & training for each ministry

Multi-Modal Online Courses

Fully online and at your own pace including short, informative & engaging videos, curated articles, quizzes to reinforce key learnings, downloadable course notes, and a certificate on completion of the course.


Perfect for Parishes!

  • Ensure consistent, quality training for all ministers
  • No more "once a year" workshops
  • Immediate training for new volunteers
  • An excellent refresher for experienced ministers
  • Content completion assured with certificate
  • Pre-paid discounted bulk vouchers available

Engaging Course Content & Presentation

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