Vol 34 No 2 June 2004



Title Author Topic Page
ABUSE is a strong word Elich, Tom Documents on Liturgy 2
SURSUM CORDA: Let our hearts be lifted high Elich, Tom Texts – Liturgical 2
Pastoral Care of the Sick: Easter Work Smith, Margaret Unlisted 3
Denis Hurley - In Memoriam 8
Kevin Siddell - In Memoriam 8
News - Eucharist / Mass 8
Translation of Ordo Missae - Documents on Liturgy 8
Redemptionis Sacramentum - Documents on Liturgy 9
LabOra Worship - Liturgy Preparation 10
Fawlty Powers: Don't mention the Wedding Murrowood, Cathy Marriage 11
'From the Pews' of the new St Patrick's Cathedral in Parramatta Rechichi, Silvana Architecture and Environment 12
Liturgy of the Hours , Resources on the Web Harrington, Elizabeth Liturgy of the Hours 12
Parish Feedback on Lent Fitz-Herbert, John Seasons 13
Putting your Money where your mouth is Morton, Ralph Music 14
Keith F Pecklers, Worship: a Primer in Christian Worship Cronin, James Liturgy 15
Our Cover: Parramatta Madonna - Art 16
Fawlty Powers: Don't Mention the Wedding Nichols, Brian Marriage 11