Vol 34 No 4 December 2004



Title Author Topic Page
Sacred Heart Good, Helentherese Australian Artists 1, 16
Fasting and Feasting: editor Elich, Tom Easter and Lent 2
Ritual for Adoration in the Life of the Eucharistic Community Orr, David Eucharist / Mass 3-5
Music and the Eucharistic Prayer Way, Tony Eucharist / Mass 6
The Weeks of Lent in the Australian Imagination Mellor, Anthony Easter and Lent 7
Celebrating the Liturgy of the Word Marshall, Erica Liturgy of the Word 8-9
Websites on the Catechumenate: The Church Mouse Harrington, Elizabeth Christian Initiation 11
Fawlty Powers: Don't Mention the Fire Murrowood, Cathy Easter and Lent 10
Fawlty Powers: Don't Mention the Fire Nichols, Brian Easter and Lent 10
Year of the Eucharist - Eucharist / Mass 12
Mane Nobiscum Domine - Eucharist / Mass 12
Lost in Translation - Texts – Liturgical 13
Sippy Downs - Architecture and Environment 13
James White - In Memoriam 14
Clarence Rivers - In Memoriam 14
Vocation to Preisthood - Ministries – Liturgical 14
Books: Full Conscious and Active Participation: celebrating 25 years of 'Today's Liturgy' Cronin, James Ministries – Liturgical 15