Vol 39 No 2 June 2009



Title Author Topic Page
God of Peace (Christopher Willcock, Anthony Kelly) Morton, Ralph Australian Composers / Music 1, 15-16
Editor: Catholic Cremation and the Columbarium Elich, Tom Funerals 2
Preaching on the Liturgy: An Opportunity in August Howell, Ken Eucharist / Mass 3-5
The Liturgical Year in the Great South Land Pilcher, Carmel Seasons 6-7
Priest in the Pews: Presiding. Becoming immersed in the Spirit and Power of the Liturgy Fitz-Herbert, John Ministries – Liturgical 8-9
Liturgy and Pandemic Influenza Elich, Tom Eucharist / Mass 10-11
Mary MacKillop, Patron Saint - Saints 11
Revising Hymn Wording - Music 11
Tridentine Resurgence - History of Liturgy / Vatican II 11
Appointments - People 12
Kisim sit bilong paia Mary Harbinson, Rose Liturgy 12-13
Books: Why Go to Church? The Drama of the Eucharist (Timothy Radcliffe) Cronin, James Eucharist / Mass 14