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Books: Edward Foley - Eucharistic Adoration after Vatican II Cronin, James Eucharist / Mass Vol 53 No 1 Autumn 2023 17-18
Books: Timothy O'Malley - Becoming Eucharistic People Cronin, James Eucharist / Mass Vol 52 No 4 Summer 2022 16
Books: Lively Oracles of God: Perspectives on the Bible and Liturgy Cronin, James Liturgy of the Word Vol 52 No 3 Spring 2022 16
Books: Beyond the Sanctuary: Essays on Liturgy, Life and DIscipleship by Timothy A Johnston ed. Cronin, James Evangelisation and Mission Vol 52 No 2 Winter 2022 15-16
Books: Assist Our Song: Music Ministries in the Local Church by Douglas Galbraith Cronin, James Music Vol 52 No 1 Autumn 2022 15
Books: Reweaving the Ministries: The Emmaus Paradigm by Gilbert Ostdiek Cronin, James Ministries – Liturgical Vol 51 No 4 Summer 2021 14-15
Books: Kevin W Irwin - Pope Francis and the Liturgy: The Call to Holiness and Mission Cronin, James Evangelisation and Mission Vol 51 No 2 Winter 2021 15-16
Books: Awesome Glory: Resurrection in Scripture, Liturgy, and Theology by Jeremy Driscoll Cronin, James Easter and Lent Vol 51 No 1 Autumn 2021 16
Books: Gathering the People of God. Renew the Liturgy - Renew the Church. by Frank O'Loughlin Cronin, James Eucharist / Mass Vol 50 No 4 Summer 2020 15
Books: A Parish Guide for Bereavement Ministry and Funeral Planning by Jill Maria Murdy Cronin, James Funerals Vol 50 No 3 Spring 2020 14-15
Books: The Parish IS the Curriculum. RCIA in the Midst of the Community by Diana Macalintal Cronin, James Christian Initiation Vol 50 No 2 Winter 2020 14-15
Books: Frank O'Loughlin. New Wineskins: Eucharist in Today's Context Cronin, James Eucharist / Mass Vol 49 No 4 Summer 2019 15
Books: Seasons of Grace: A Spiritual Companion to the Liturgical Year Cronin, James Seasons Vol 49 No 3 Spring 2019 15
Books: Guide for Celebrating Funerals AND Light in the Darkness: Preparing Better Catholic Funerals Cronin, James Funerals Vol 49 No 2 Winter 2019 15
Books: The Rites and Wrongs of Liturgy: Why Good Liturgy Matters by Thomas O'Loughlin Cronin, James Liturgy Vol 48 No 3 September 2018 15
Books: One Love. A Pastoral Guide to the Order of Celebrating Matrimony Cronin, James Marriage Vol 48 No 2 June 2018 15
Books: A Handbook for Catholic Preaching - Edward Foley (ed) Cronin, James Sunday Vol 47 No 3 September 2017 14-15
Books: At the Heart of the Liturgy. Conversations with Nathan D Mitchell's 'Amen Corners' 1991-2012 Cronin, James Liturgy Vol 47 No 1 March 2017 15
Books: First Communion Liturgies: Preparing First-Class First Celebrations by Donna M. Eschenauer Cronin, James Sacraments Vol 46 No 3 September 2016 15
Books: Mass 101: Liturgy and Life by Emily Strand Cronin, James Eucharist / Mass Vol 46 No 2 June 2016 15